Online Media Designs can make your website look great on all devices using Responsive Website Design. Forget the old and expensive adaptive style of creating a mobile platform for each device including desktops, tablets and phones. With HTML 5 the standard, responsive design is the future and uses grid technology and responsive images that allows the website to easily adjust for optimal viewing and experience.

Grid Technology

Website visitors can now experience the same website regardless of the device they are using. Web pages using grid technology look great at any size. Web developers can now save time and client's money with one website for all platforms. Developers write code one time! While this technology isn't perfect it's a step in the right direction and represents a fundamental shift in how professional web developers will build websites for the future. Mobile websites in the past have been a horrible experience on the user because the mobile website was so different from the desktop website version.

Responsive Images

HTML 5 has come along way with the support of responsive images. This technique used on images allows scaling to the maximum width of 100%. Basically, allowing a image to enlarge or shrink depending on the page width. There is no longer a need for multiple images based on the viewers page width or device.

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