Marketing tools for the
Real Estate professional.

For those of you that know me, I started this home-based business back in 2001 and I'm still around. I've manage to work from home and enjoy every minute of it! The goal from the very beginning has always been to not only deliver a quality product and service but focus on a ROI (Return on Investment) for my clients as well. Some of my past experience include work with the automotive, health, medical, hotel & restaurant, non-profit, education, and government industry. Even though from time to time I do pick up other projects ---- the last couple of years I have restructured my business goals and have primarily been focusing on the Real Estate market.

In the past I have worked with really large real estate websites that took a lot of time to add and update listings. My time has always been very limited and expensive. I now offer web-based services for new and existing clients that is affordable and cost-effective. And at the same time allows agents and brokers to update and add their own listings on their own time. This allows me to focus more on support so that I can provide a quality service.

"My goal is to help Real Estate agents and brokers utilize new technology and to help them focus on what's really important and that's results!"

If you have a question or comment about the services I provide, please feel free to send me an email from the request form on the contact page.